WHY? – Why am I here?
Dreams – What life do I really want?
Values – What qualities are most important to me?
Beliefs – What do I believe in?
Thoughts – What do I think about on a regular basis?
Choices – What important choices am I making in my life right now?
Actions – What actions am I taking that support my choices?
Habits – What am I doing that will turn my actions into habits?
Routines – What routines will strengthen my habits?
Effort – Am I giving my best effort on a daily basis?
Skill – Am I working to improve on a daily basis?
Daily Practice of Connection – What am I doing each day to stay connected to what is most important to me?

WHY? – Why am I in business?
Goals – What is my End Game? What are my Next Level goals? What is this year’s Next Level Goal?
Value Proposition – Why me? Why should people do business with me?
Story – What is my story and why should people care?
Strategy – What is my Plan of Action to achieve my goals?
Scheduling – How am I going to structure my day/ week/ month?
Structure – How am I going to organize my team in terms of roles, responsibilities, reporting, communication and decision making?
Culture – What are the vision, values, beliefs, rules and practices that shape my team’s actions on a daily basis?
People – What is the ideal team member profile?
Systems – Do I have the seven core systems in place? Contact Management, Marketing, Listing Management, Transaction Management, Client Communication, Business Tracking, Monthly P & L.
Finances – How am I going to budget my financial resources?
Accountability – How am I going to stay on track with my Goals and Business Plan on a regular basis?