30 minute to 1 hour group coaching teleconference calls.


  1. Daily Accountability – Monday thru Friday 8am to 8:30am
  2. Mindset Monday – Mondays 6am to 6:30am
  3. Team Building – times and dates to be announced, 8 week program.
  4. Negotiation – times and dates to be announced, 8 week program.
  5. Listing Presentation – times and dates to be announced, 8 week program.
  6. Buyer Coaching – times and dates to be announced, 8 week program.
  7. Assistant Group Coaching – Thursdays 10am to 10:30am
  8. Conversion Coaching – times and dates to be announced, 8 week program.

Daily Accountability – this program is all about being accountable on a daily basis. Each day I will take roll call of everyone who is tracking their numbers on the Performance Coaching website. We will then review what you need to do to stay focused and on track with your prospecting efforts.

Mindset Monday – this program is all about getting your head in the right place to start each day and each week. It is about being clear on what is most important to you, staying connected to what is most important and recommitting yourself to what is most important to you each and every day.

Team Building – this 8 week program will take you through the process of building and growing your team. The topics we will focus on include: culture, organizational structure, people, roles and responsibilities, recruiting, training, empowerment, accountability, systems, finances and more.

Negotiation – in this 8 week program we will focus on the phycology, strategy and skill of effective negotiation. Every day you are negotiating in some way with some one. This is one of the fundamental skills you need to develop as a real estate professional. We will explore the negotiation process with Buyers and Sellers from every angle possible including your commission.

Listing Presentation – in this 8 week program we will walk you step by step through the process of mastering your listing presentation from start to finish including the structure of your presentation, the content, materials and delivery. When you walk into anyone’s living room you must be the most prepared person in that room. No more “winging it” on your presentation.

Buyer Coaching – in this program we review the Buyer Process from beginning to end. This includes prospecting, qualifying, conversion, the Buyer Consultation, showing, and negotiating. When you are working with a Buyer you need to know the difference between Suspect and real Prospect. Buyers can be a huge drain on your time if you not working with the right people in the right way. The goal of this program is help you create the standards, skill and practice of only working with those Buyers who will actually buy “NOW”.

Assistant Group Coaching – If you have a staff or you are thinking of hiring your first assistant… this call is an absolute must. The purpose of this program is to change the dynamic between agent, staff, and team. For most agents with a staff/ team…everyone is operating in a reactionary mode – they react to the moment. The relationship between agent and staff/ team is very imbalanced. In most cases the agent is busy and the staff/ team is waiting to be told what to do. What I want is to add more thought, planning, structure, balance and accountability to the agent/ assistant relationship. In other words… Teamwork. Courtney Smith leads this call each week. Courtney Smith is a top agent running a top team. Her insights from the firing line provide an invaluable perspective to this coaching program.

Conversion Coaching – If you are going to succeed at a high level in this business you must be very skilled at converting your contacts into leads, your leads into appointments, your appointments into real listings and buyers, your listings and buyers into sales and your past clients into repeat and referral business. CONVERSION IS A HIGH SKILL. Learning how to read, react and close is essential to being a top performer. Each week on this call we are role-playing specific conversion opportunities. Every situation is a real life scenario you face in your business on a regular basis. This call is priceless!!

Getting Started:

You can enroll in the All Pass Group Coaching Teleconference Program at anytime. You will also receive your username and password for the Performance Coaching website so you can start tracking and reporting your numbers as part of this process. Your enrollment in this program gives you access to any and all of the group coaching teleconference programs listed above.


$1500 per year