Do you want to build a business that is more predictable, more dependable, more productive and more profitable?

Assuming the answer is yes…

You must master two activities: Lead Generation and Lead Conversion.

Lead Generation and Lead Conversion are the foundation of any successful real estate business.

These activities are Job 1 and Job 1A in your real estate business.

Nothing is more important and they should be your number one priority each day.

However knowing this and doing it… are two different things.

This is why I have combined the 8am Daily Accountability Call and the 5:30pm Role Play Call into one program.

The 8am Daily Accountability Call sets the tone for your day in terms of mindset and focus and prospecting.

The 5:30pm Call is the perfect opportunity to revisit your day and hone your skills!!

Real estate is a business that rewards Consistency more than anything else. Participating in these two calls each day will absolutely promote a more consistent effort in your real estate practice and provide you with the necessary practice to improve your ability to convert opportunity into actual business!!

8am Daily Accountability Call PST

Monday thru Friday

30 Minutes each session

Via Zoom Teleconferencing

Group Size – 75+

Topics: Mindset, Focus, Lead Generation, Accountability.

The purpose of this call is to keep you accountable to your goals, your plan and specifically making your contacts each day. Each group member is responsible for tracking their daily numbers on the Performance Coaching website. Every day we start the call with a review of the prior day contacts for each group member. Again, the focus of this call is Lead Generation and staying on target with your daily prospecting efforts.  This call is the best way to begin your day as it will put your attention and energy on what is “most important” in terms of increasing your productivity on a daily basis.

The 5:30pm Role Play Call PST

Monday thru Thursday

30 Minutes each session

Via Zoom Teleconferencing

Group Size – 30+

Topics: Prospecting, Follow Up, Buyers, Sellers, Commission, Negotiation, etc.

This call is devoted strictly to role playing. Each session we go through different scenarios you face every day in your real estate business. From prospecting to follow up to buyers to sellers to commission to negotiation… we cover every aspect of your real estate business. We take an in-depth look at the various real-life situations you are presented with in the normal course of business and we methodically work through each challenge using an emotionally intelligent approach to achieve the best outcome possible. When you are better able to recognize, understand and manage people’s emotions… your ability to convert opportunity into actual business improves dramatically. This skillset requires dedicated practice. The impact on your production will be immediate and profound.


$2500 per year