Chris is a former Lead FBI Hostage Negotiator and best selling author of the book Never Split The Difference. Under the heading of Emotional Intelligence, Chris teaches an approach he calls Tactical Empathy to help people achieve the best outcomes possible when it comes to communicating, negotiating and building relationships. My work with Chris has totally transformed my coaching practice. This transformation is reflected in every single prospect and client interaction. Emotion is what drives the decision making process, not fact, logic and reason. Being able to better recognize, understand and manage people’s emotions is one of the most important keys to your success in listing and selling more property. Each month with Chris we focus on a specific topic and how it relates to your real estate business. Topics include: Labeling, Mirroring, Focused Comparisons, Mastering NO, Bending Reality, Giving the Illusion of Control, etc. The information shared on these calls is unlike anything you have ever heard in a real estate training program. Imagine being able to master the skill of having people do what you want… with them thinking it is their idea? Participating in this program will dramatically increase your ability to convert opportunity into actual business. This is a must for every top agent!!


Monthly one hour Zoom Videoconference Call

Each call is recorded.

Each participant receives an audio recording and written transcript of the call.

Cost: $1599