1. Real estate is blue sky. There are no limits in terms of what you can achieve in this business. No one is doing it to you. No one is doing it for you. You decide how far you want to go.
  2. Real estate is a simple business. It is the progression of Contacts to Leads, Leads to Appointments, Appointments to Buyers and Sellers, Buyers and Sellers to Sales, and Sales to Repeat and Referral Business. You must understand this progression and work this progression on a daily basis. The core activity in real estate is connecting People and Property and Possibility. You must be an expert in all three.
  3. More than anything else, real estate is a battle for consistency. Consistency is what separates poor from average performers, good from great and top from best. Consistency is created through focus, habit, and routine.
  4. You must get your head in the right place. You must be clear about what you want. You must believe in your abilities to achieve your goals. You must be committed no matter what. You must connect to what is most important to you on a daily basis.
  5. You must treat your business like a business. You must know the numbers of your business backwards and forwards. This includes knowing the value of each contact you make, each hour you work, and the potential value of a listing appointment. The goal is to build a business that is more predictable, more dependable, and ultimately more productive and profitable.
  6. Success is created by doing certain things in a certain way. There is nothing easy, instant, comfortable, convenient or natural about succeeding in this business. Success takes place one step at a time, one day at a time… over time. Success is a process, not a result.
  7. In real estate you do NOT get paid for your time. You get paid for what you do with your time. Your primary money making activities are prospecting, lead conversion, showing a NOW buyer property, going on listing appointments, negotiating contracts, and real problem solving on deals set to close. You must eliminate all the “white space’ in your daily and weekly schedule.
  8. Your results are the by-product of your mindset, strategies, action, habits, routines, effort and skill level.
  9. Today is the only day that matters. Today is the only day you need. Today is the only day you can sell a home. Every agent starts each day at ground zero. Focus your energies and efforts on doing business today, not tomorrow.
  10. You must identify your target market (geography, people, price point, property type, etc.) and your ideal client profile in order to focus your search for opportunity.
  11. To succeed at the highest level possible you must have a listing orientation in your business.
  12. You must organize your day around prospecting. Talking to people is “JOB ONE” in real estate. Time blocking is essential to your productivity.
  13. You must look for opportunity in every situation. You must be willing to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime… about real estate. You must treat everyone you meet as an equal opportunity to do business.
  14. The focus of every real estate conversation is change and getting to the truth. Is there any life change taking place? Is real estate connected to that life change? Is there an opportunity to do business now? A “no” is just as good as a “yes”.
  15. You must define your value proposition, own it fully and be able to articulate your value precisely. Both the Listing Presentation and The Commission Dialog reflect your value as a real estate agent.
  16. You must master your listing presentation from start to finish. This includes structure, content, materials and delivery. Your listing presentation is your business plan for getting a home sold. Your listing presentation is your plan for creating real value to potential sellers.
  17. Staffing and Systems and Team Building are how you create leverage in your real estate business.
  18. You must work to improve your sales skills on a daily basis. Study, practice, and role-play are critical. You must also know markets, people and contracts.
  19. You must measure your activities daily, report daily and be accountable on a daily basis.
  20. The quality of your business is in direct proportion to your ability to hear the truth, speak the truth, confront the truth…and live the truth. Real estate is not about “getting” people to do business with you. Instead you must find out “who will” and “who won’t”.