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4 Week Listing Presentation Group Teleconference Program with Chris Voss

April 23, 2018 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Starting April 23rd I am beginning a 4 Week Group Teleconference Listing Presentation Program with Chris Voss.

If you are a listing agent or want to move more in that direction…

This course will be a real game changer!!

You know how hard it is to get listings right now.

You also know how important it is to get listings right now.

The competition is fierce and most every seller wants to make you into a commodity and shop you on price and commission.

How do you avoid this trap and how can you stand out from every other agent they are speaking with?

The first thing you want to understand is…

Emotion drives the decision making process.

You must learn how to leverage people’s emotions….

Not try and run them over with fact, logic and reason!!

All the fact, logic and reason in the world… does not overcome emotion!!

If you want to truly separate yourself from every other agent…

Then you have to start doing something very different than what you are doing right now.

And that is exactly what we are going to focus on during the four weeks with Chris.

What you will learn and practice in this 4 Week Course will give you an unbelievable competitive advantage when it comes to listing property.

When Chris briefly touched on the topic of Listing Presentations at the recent 2 Day Negotiation Workshop…

People’s jaws hit the ground.

During this 4 Week Course we are going to introduce you to concepts you have never considered before…

Tactical Empathy…
Focused Comparisons…
Bending Reality…
Seeking the NO…
Are you the Fool or the Favorite?…
Using Proof of Life Questions to determine your standing…

You are going to stop walking out of presentations wondering whether the client is going to work with you or not.


In fact this program is going to help you master the skill of having the client tell you why they want to list with you and not someone else!!

Much of what we cover in this program will sound outrageous.

You entire mindset towards your listing presentation is going to take a complete 180 degree turn!!

Imagine a listing appointment where the client does most of the talking and you just listen!!

This program is not for everyone!!

This program is for the agent who knows they need to change up what they are doing.

The cost of the program is $599

Here are the dates and times of the calls:
4/23 1pm – 2pm PST  Chris & Steve
4/27 4pm – 5pm PST  Steve Review Call
5/2   12n – 1pm PST   Chris & Steve
5/4   4pm – 5pm PST  Steve Review Call
5/9   2pm – 3pm PST  Chris & Steve
5/11 4pm – 5pm PST  Steve Review Call
5/16  2pm – 3pm PST Chris & Steve
5/18  4pm – 5pm PST Steve Review Call
If you have any questions about this program or want to enroll, please email me at steve@performancecoaching.com.

You will receive an audio recording and written transcript for each call in the event you have to miss a call.



April 23, 2018
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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