9am to 5pm
25 – 50 participants.
Agents give their actual presentations live.
Typically 10 – 15 agents present.


Bi-Monthly. See Calendar of Events for dates.

Topics Covered:

  1. Structure
  2. Content
  3. Delivery
  4. Materials

Each presentation is critiqued through written evaluations from each attendee.

There is also a discussion that follows every presentation to highlight presentation strengths and areas for improvement.

Getting Started:

This is an ongoing program. You can start at anytime. You are not required to present. You can attend and observe. You can present all or part of your presentation.


$2000 for 6 Listing Presentation Training Camps


This is a one-year commitment and more. There are six weekend camps during the course of the year. You can attend. You can present. The idea is to present, get critical feedback on your presentation, integrate the input, practice for two months, present again, and go through this cycle six times over the course of twelve months. This is truly the ONLY way to improve and master your listing presentation. Most agents are very challenged by the idea of giving their listing presentation to a group of their peers. However this is a necessary exercise to go through. When you fully understand the potential value of each listing presentation you want to be completely prepared to give the best presentation possible. Your presentation must be better than the opportunity. The truth is… most agents wing their presentation and reduce themselves to a commodity (list price and commission) because they are not willing to do the work to make their presentation world class. The end result of this process will be a greater motivation to prospect, more appointments, more listings, a higher fee, more sales and most importantly… more value to your clients. The commitment and process involved in mastering your listing presentation makes you a BETTER REAL ESTATE agent in every aspect of your business.