Every quarter we will be holding a Performance Coaching Workshop… all designed to inspire and motivate you to succeed at the highest level possible. These programs will feature many of Southern California’s top performing agents and other guest speakers. The information shared each month will absolutely help you build a business that is more PREDICTABLE, more DEPENDABLE, more PRODUCTIVE, and ultimately more PROFITABLE.

By attending these workshops you will gain a greater understanding of what you need to do on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis in your business and how you can best execute the growth strategies most suitable to you and your marketplace.

Each month we are going to review different aspects of your personal and professional life. We will address the topics and questions below and much more.


  • WHY? – Why am I here?
  • Dreams – What life do I really want?
  • Values – What qualities are most important to me?
  • Beliefs – What do I believe in?
  • Thoughts – What do I think about on a regular basis?
  • Choices – What important choices am I making in my life right now?
  • Actions – What actions am I taking that support my choices?
  • Habits – What am I doing that will turn my actions into habits?
  • Routines – What routines will strengthen my habits?
  • Effort – Am I giving my best effort on a daily basis?
  • Skill – Am I working to improve on a daily basis?
  • Daily Practice of Connection – What am I doing each day to stay connected to what is most important to me?


  • WHY? – Why am I in business?
  • Goals – What is my End Game? What are my Next Level goals? What is this year’s Next Level Goal?
  • Value Proposition – Why me? Why should people do business with me?
  • Story – What is my story and why should people care?
  • Strategy – What is my Plan of Action to achieve my goals?
  • Scheduling – How am I going to structure my day/ week/ month?
  • Structure – How am I going to organize my team in terms of roles, responsibilities, reporting, communication and decision making?
  • Culture – What are the vision, values, beliefs, rules and practices that shape our actions on a daily basis?
  • People – What is the ideal team member profile?
  • Systems – Do I have the seven core systems in place? Contact Management, Marketing, Listing Management, Transaction Management, Client Communication, Business Tracking, Monthly P & L.
  • Finances – How am I going to budget my financial resources?
  • Accountability – How am I going to stay on track with my Goals and Business Plan on a regular basis?

Real estate is a “Blue Sky” Business.

There are no limits.

Your possibilities are infinite.

Whatever you are willing to DREAM, BELIEVE, and ACT upon… YOU CAN ACHIEVE!!