If you want to know why you are succeeding in this business or why you are not living up to your potential…

This simple test will give you great insights into your productivity or lack of productivity.

1. Do you have clearly defined goals – daily/ weekly/ monthly/ yearly/ 10 yr/ long term?

2. Do you connect with your goals on a daily/ weekly basis?

3. Do you have a daily contact goal based on your income goal?

4. Do you reach or exceed this goal each day?

5. Do you time block your week to reflect your annual goals and business plan?

6. Do you consistently follow your schedule each day and minimize or avoid distraction effectively?

7. How many cumulative hours in a week do you spend engaged in the following activities:

a. Prospecting

b. Lead Conversion

c. Working with real NOW Buyers

d. Listing Appointments

e. Negotiating Contracts

8. How many cumulative hours in a week do you spend working to improving the following skill sets:

a. Prospecting

b. Lead Conversion

c. Selling Skills for Buyers

d. Mastering your Listing Presentation

e. Honing your Negotiation Skills

9. Do you track and measure all your activities and results in a place where you can easily review your output each day and week?

10. Are you engaged in some form of regular accountability/ coaching?

If you are still reading…

This test is going to resonate with you at some level or…

If you are like most agents…

This test will have no bearing or resemblance whatsoever to what you do each day and week.


If you want to be very productive in this business…

Let’s review what you answers should look like…

#1 – YES. I have clearly defined goals.

#2 – YES. I connect with my goals every day and recommit to the process daily.

#3 – YES. I know my daily contact goal based on my income goal.

#4 – YES. I reach or exceed this goal every day.

#5 –  YES. I time block my entire day to put first things first and build my day around the activities that make me money. There is no white space in my schedule.

#6 – YES. I consistently follow my schedule every day. If I do get off track for some reason I quickly adjust and work to get back to my schedule. I am not easily seduced by distraction. I do not fall victim to Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.

#7 – 30+ Hours. I spend a minimum of 30 hours each week engaged in money making activities.

#8 – 3+ Hours. I spend a minimum of 3 hours per week working to improve my business building and sales skill sets.

#9 – YES. I track my numbers every day on the Performance Coaching Website.

#10 – YES. I participate every day in some form of accountability/ coaching.

How do your answers stack up to the answers I just posted?

I am guessing there is a pretty big gap.

I am guessing what you do most days is…

Chase a deal… and that is what drives your day and week.

How is that working for you?

Chasing a deal is a very bad habit.

It is also addictive and hard to break.


You operate on autopilot most of your day.

You are not making conscious choices and taking conscious actions…

Instead you just keep doing what you always do, good or bad, automatically.

And over time these behaviors and the consequences of these behaviors compound either for you or against you.

If you want to change… you must become more conscious, more mindful and more purposeful.

This will not happen on its own.

You must start now and you must start small.

This is what the coaching process is all about.

If you want the test above to mean something to you… contact me today – steve@performancecoaching.com.


This is my job, my mission, my passion!!