The Top Performer Coaching Program is designed specifically to help you maximize your attention, efforts and energy on a daily basis in your real estate business. Every month we are going to review what it takes to succeed at the highest level in real estate. We are going to strive to make the process of listing and selling more homes as simple as possible.

Once a month I am going to interview a top agent 1 on1 via Zoom Video Conference.

These in-depth interviews will detail every aspect of the agent’s business. Every month you will be introduced to a new top agent and learn all about their business from mindset, to structure to lead generation and conversion to listing presentations to buyers to commission to staffing and team building. No topic will go untouched. You are going to get a rare inside look at what each one of these superstars is doing to build and grow their business. Our monthly interviews will include a very diverse group of top agents who are all selling $100mm or more each year or targeting that number. I have an unbelievable list of top performers lined up for this program. Every month you are going to hear a different perspective on what it means to succeed in real estate.

Once a month I am also going to interview a top assistant via Zoom Video Conference.

These in-depth interviews will detail every aspect of a top assistant’s role and responsibility. We are going to cover a wide range of topics with each assistant including: Job Descriptions, Mindset, Systems, Checklists, Time Blocking, Prioritizing, Managing Up, Culture Building, Communication, Problem Solving, Accountability and Best Practices. You are going to learn everything there is to know about being a top performing assistant.

And finally…

Once a month I am going to do a 90 Minute Workshop via Zoom Video Conference with PowerPoint.

The monthly topics will include: Mindset, Intentions/ Goal Setting, Habit Building/ The Compound Effect, Emotional Intelligence/ Communication, Time Blocking, Prospecting, Lead Conversion, Sellers/ Listing Presentations, Buyers/ Buyer Consults, Commission, Systems, Staffing/ Team Building, Coaching/ Accountability. These sessions will teach you everything you need to know about building a Top Performer Business.

All the sessions will be recorded.

All the sessions will be transcribed.

Each participant will receive the audio recording and written transcript for every coaching session!!

At the end of the year you will have an extraordinary library of interviews and information that you can watch, listen and read over and over again. What you receive in this program will be both timeless and priceless!! The agents and assistants you will meet in this program are the best of the best!!

Every two weeks we rotate between a top agent and a top assistant.

The first Friday of every month from 3:30pm to 5:00pm I will be doing my 90 Minute Workshops via Zoom.

This program will run for 12 months.

The cost is $99 per month or $999 for the full year!!

Every single question you have… will get answered in this program. And it will get answered in many different times in many different ways.

No matter your level of experience or production… you will learn what it means to be a Top Performer in Real Estate by enrolling in this program!!